No raiding! (This includes no breaking other players stuff like signs or furnaces!)
No stealing from Bodys/Corpses/Backpacks/Sleepers/Boxes/TC's or anything that is not yours!
No entering bases or compounds without the owner's permission!
No killing Players! (Only friendly combat allowed, must be agreed by both parties and announced in chat before or after!)
1 Minicopter/Horse/Rowboat per player!
1 Scrap Helicopter/RHIB per Team/Group!
The Patrol Helicopter is a public event, that is first come, first serve, you must tag it for you to be taking it, if it leaves its free for all over again! (Must announce in chat when tagged!)
Cargo/Bradley is first come, first serve! (Must announce in chat before taking!)
No building on the roads! (Right next to them is okay, but not on them)
No taking over Monuments/Rivers! (Building next to them is okay!)
If you are going for an airdrop, locked crate, you must announce it in chat! (First person there has all rights to the loot, if multiple players come, loot must be shared!)
If using a public quarry or pump jack you must be there for the entire duration that its going to be used for, or its free to take! (No sleeping!)
No Harassment, Racism, Toxicity, ETC!
No hacking or use of any kinds of cheats that includes macros! (If caught, you will be banned and reported to facepunch!)